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Mr (Pyramid) text study, utterances 23-25

From Faulkner's "Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts"

Utterance 23

"O Osiris, take away all those who hate the King(1) and who speak evilly

against his name. O Thoth, hasten, take away him who is harmful to(2) Osiris

and carry off him who speaks evilly against the King's name; put him in your

hand. Recite four times: Do not let go(3) of him! Beware lest you let go of him!

-Pour water

Utterance 24

O Thoth, hasten, take the King's foe to Osiris.


My Comments

We have finally come to the first mention of the office of Djhty

(Thoth, Djehuti) The goal here is to teach the candidate/King, identified

as Wsr, the importances of Literacy, and Self Expression, via the obligations

of the Djhty trade of writing and record, so that others do not write

history for the initiate, but, he writes the history for himself.

The recitation of this saying four times represents spreading the account

of the initiate/King in the cardinal directions, North East West and South.

Water is poured to sybolize the dissemination of wisdom or intelligent clear

expression and communication. The King's foe is scandal, libel,

negative propaganda and fabrications in general. It is important for

the candidate in his future duties to be made aware of all discrepancies

on his post or duty assignment.



From "The Pyramid Texts" Translation by Samuel A. B. Mercer

Utterance 25.

17a. He who goes, goes with his ka: Horus goes with his ka; Set goes with his ka;

17b. Thot goes with his ka; the god goes with his ka; Osiris goes with his ka;

17c. M?nti-íirti goes with his ka; thou also goest with thy ka.

18a. O N., the hands of thy ka are before thee; O N., the hands of thy ka are behind thee;

18b. O N., the feet of thy ka are before thee; O N., the feet of thy ka are behind thee.

18c. Osiris N., I have given to thee the eye of Horus, so that thy face may be equipped

with it.

18d. Let the odour of the eye of Horus adhere to thee. To be said four times: Fire of


From "The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts" translated by R.O Faulkner

Utterance 25

Someone has gone with his double,(1)

Horus has gone with his double

Seth has gone with his double

Thoth has gone with his double,

Dwn-nwy has gone with his double,(2)

Osiris has gone with his double

Hnt-irty has gone with his double,

You also having gone(3) with your double.

O King, the arm of your double is in front of you!

O King, the arm of your double is behind you!

O King, the foot of your double is behind you!

O King, the foot of your double is behind you!(4)

O Osiris the King I give to you the Eye of Horus, that your face may be

provided with it; the perfume(5) of the Eye of Horus is diffused over you--

incense and fire.

(1) where, however, the preposition is hr. On the translation of ka see the Preface.

(2) The first four gods belon to the cardinal points ON the reading Dwn-nwy




my comments

The initiate's "double" or "ka" is the GENERAL CONSCIOUSNESS or Awareness

of the initiate. The first statement "someone has gone with his double(ka)"

indicates that initiates before have come into the realization of their awareness

of this particular instruction and observation.

Hrw, St, Djhty, Dwn-nwy, Wsr, and Hnt-yrty represent different perspectives of

observation in ASTRONOMY. Djhty being the Office responsible for Astronomy and

Hrw (East), St (West), Dwn-nwy (Meridian), Hnt-yrty (Poles) and Wsr (Nadir) as

the variety of astronomical parameters.

The man holding, drawing or prescribing the MERIDIAN, called Dwn-ënwy, is

ìhe who unfolds two wings,î A Meridian is the circle drawn through the north

and south poles, that intersects the zenith or even nadir (anti-zenith) of the observer.

This means in this education, there is awareness of the curvature of the

planet's surface and ultimately the spherical nature of the planet.

The Nadir (Zenith) again identifies the candidate as Wsr, being that the Nadir,

associated with Wsr, is a point directly formed from the coordinate of the observer.

The Nnt-irty represents the two poles (North and South) also the north and south

ends of the Hpy (Nile) river. Hrw is associated with the East because of

Sunrise and the representation of the candidate in Youth and growth in a

cycle. Set is associated with the West because of Sunset and the representation of the

candidate approaching terminality and recession in a cycle.

The phrases dealing with the hands and the feet represent locomotion and the

awareness that the candidate, although stationary on the planet's surface when

in observation, is in motion because of the rotation of the earth's surface.

The Wdjt (Udjat) or Eye of Hrw, symbolized by the Celestial Sun, REPRESENTS the

focal point of consciousness in the initiate, with center of "concentration" in

the proximity of the the pineal gland. The perfumes used in the rite, represent the

hormones secreted by the pineal gland and other glands in the endocrine system to

facilitate growth, development, and awareness. The fire represents light or

enlightenment, and vitality.


Mr (Pyramid) text study, utterances 20-22

From Faulkner's "Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts"

The translations for Utterance 19 were ommitted, because they are lost
Utterance 20

"O King, I have come in search of you, for I am Horus; I have struck your
mouth for you, for I am your beloved son; I have split open your mouth
for you. [I announce him to his mother when she laments him, I announce
him to her who has joined to him. Your mouth is a good order(?), for I have
adjusted your mouth] to your bones [for you]. Recite four times: O Osiris
the King, I split open your mouth for you with the . . .(I) of the Eye of Horus
-I foreleg

Utterance 21
[Your mouth is in good order(?), for I split open your mouth for you, I split
open your eyes for you, O King, I open your mouth for you] with the adze of
Wepwawet, [I split open your mouth for you](I) with the adze of iron which
split open the mouths of the gods. O Horus, open the mouth of the King!
[O Horus, split open the mouth of this King! Horus has opened the mouth of
the King, Horus has split open the mouth of the King] with that wherewith
he split open the mouth of his father, with that wherewith he split open the
mouth of Osiris, with the iron which issued from Seth, with the adze [of
iron which split open the mouths of the gods. The King's mouth is split
open with it, and he goes and himself(2) speaks with the Great Ennead in the
Mansion of the Prince which is in] On(3), and he assumes the Wrrt-crown be-
fore Horus, Lord of Patricians.(4)

Utterance 22
O Osiris the King, I bring to you your son whom you love, who will split
open your mouth.

My comments:

Again the candidate in the initiation of the rites of passage is identified as
Wsr, by have Hr come in preclaiming the candidate/king to be his father. This
further strengthens in the candidate, and also in the legacy of the deceased,
the primary tenet of fatherhood. The Junior office of Hr, in "splitting the
mouth" or Wsr in reality is allowing the Junior office of Hr to make TESTIMONY
on behalf of the good works of the Senior Officer Wsr, and sharing that in
the cardinal directions (recital four times of the spliting of the mouth).
His mouth being a "good order" means he has caused positive testimony, or good things
are said about him, or he has good references. "Adjusting the mouth to the bones"
represents strong testimony or references, a good and orderly resume or
curriculum vitae. The adze is an edge tool used to cut and shape wood or any cutting
tool with a sharp cutting edge (as a chisel or knife or plane or gouge).

The part of the Wdjt or the Eye of Heru that is shape as an adze is the
eye brow, or the 1/8 portion of the eye

This part of the eye represents thought, since when in deep thought, the
eyebrow tends to wrinkle. So it is Thought or Intellect that is the
basic stimulus for Sight or Inspiration. Wn (On) or what is now called
Heliopolis, was a municipality in the Hpy river valley which consentrated
on the sciences dealing with the office of Rh. the Wrrt-crown is the
White Crown or BRIGHT crown, and represents gaining Enlightenment. Patricians
means the afluent, the aristocracy, the nobles or nobility.
The association of the element iron, and BLACKsmith technology and
metal working, with Hr, besides the composition of the
adze tool, is also related to the chemical nature of the actual Sun, which is
rich in Iron at it's center, from nucleosynthesis in the Sun, Hr being
a Junior office of the Solar Executive Board.

In fact the terrestrial planets and cores of gaseous planets consist of iron
emmisions and/or remains of the Sun, the iron being the "seed" element
in the sun, which parallels to the nutrient dense semen in the man's body
which is the vessel of his Seed, or Child. Thus showing the relationship
between Father and Son (Suns, Stars, etc).

Mr (Pyramid) Text Study Utterances 1-18

Mr (Pyramid) text study, utterances 1-18
In these series of studies, I will interpret the
texts of the Ancient Hpy(Nile) Valley Wisdom
writings in the perspective of Science, Physics,
Applied and Supreme Mathematics.

This is from Faulkner's translation "Ancient
Egyptian Pyramid Texts"

"Recitation by Nut, the
greatly beneficent: The King is my eldest son who
split open my womb; he is my beloved, with whom I am
well pleased"

Nt (Nut) was the designation for Queen
of the Night Sky. She was cast as the
"daughter" of Sh (Shu)(the designation for Lord of
the Air/Atmosphere and
Daylight) and Tfnt (Tefnut) (Queen of Moisture and
Tides and
Moonlight). Nt's first son was Wsr (Ausar). Here, as in
many funerary rights as well as THE RITES OF PASSAGE
or SYMBOLIC death and REBIRTH into a new mental
state or knowledge, the King is identified or
being initiated as Ausar, Lord of the Perfect Black,
or the Balanced Man, having influence on Cosmic,
Personal, and Microscopic issues. You will see the
connection in future utterances. Nt REPRESENTS
the ABILITY of the Original Woman as the vessel
for the Stars or the Babies, be their Stellar or
Planetary (boys or girls), i.e. representing motherhood on a macroscopic
level, since the multitude of far celestial objects are in
Nt's body, the same way Children are developed as
embyro's in the females body.
Nt is not an Originator, for Nt's has a
great-grandFATHER who is designated as being
Nn (Nun), which is the primordial
medium, or the so called "dirac sea" of zero state
quantum mechanical oscillators/fluctuations in the
vacuum of space, which are the building
blocks for manifestions of matter
and radiation. This primordial medium represents
the original mental and physical composition of
Man and his Physical Universal, in terms of
Electromagnetic Fields and Mitigating particles.
So Ausar represents taking the potential
knowledge and energy of man ("dirac" sea)
and making it manifest as real Mental Power and
Kinetic Energy via Light and Radiation, or the
emergence of the PHOTON.


From Faulkner's "Ancient Egyptian
Pyramid Texts Utterance 2

"Recitation of
Geb: The King is my bodily

My comments: Gb is the designation for the
Lord of the Earth. Gb
is the antecedent of Wsr. The Body of Man as he lives
on the planet is made of the constituents of the
planet (carbon, water, oxygen, etc.) Gb is also the
offspring of Sh (Lord of the Air/Atmosphere and Daylight)
and Tfnt (Queen of Moisture and Tides and Moonlight).
"Traditional" anthropologist have tried to suggest that
Gb was the "planet earth" itself. In reality, Gb was
the PATRON of SOLIDS, being
that SOLID is the PRIMARY state of Matter.
His sister/wife,
Nt, was the MATRON of Gases or the Atmosphere.
Gases are a medium of microscopic solids (atoms). The first
state of MATTER is SOLID. That is what is meant
by "Lord of the Earth". The Rock of the Earth is the
Foundation for making astronomical observations into the body of Nt, the Night Sky. So Gb describes the
Scientist that constructs the material constitution of
the body of Wsr, Lord of the Perfect Black, or the
Balanced Man. Gb's grandfather is Wtm, who is also
known as Rh (Ra). Wtm is related to the word Atom,
which means unbreakable or indivisible. Rh
is related to
Light and Radiation. In fact classical atoms can be
"cracked", but their products are other particles, in
particular photons, which are indivisible. This is
outlining the heritage of the solid state of matter
being transfered to Gb from Wtm-Rh.
Those Educators and Guildsman who use the
patron Gb to
SYMBOLIZE their profession are material scientists
whether it be stone (masons) metal (metallurgists)
wood (carpenters) or other substrates




From Faulkner's "Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts"

Utterance 3

"Recitation by Nut the great who dwells in the Lower Mansion:
The King is my beloved son, my first-born upon the throne of Geb,
with whom he is well pleased, and he has given to him his heritage
in the presence of the Great Ennead. All the [ntr] are in
joy, and they say: How goodly is the King! His father Geb is pleased
with him.

My comments:

The "Lower Mansion" here is the city of Ywnw (Heliopolis in Greek
or On in Coptic). Again the king is indentified as being Wsr.
The great Ennead is the Parental Personages of the ntr system,
those being Nn, Wmn-Rh-Pth, Sh, Tfnt, Gb, Nt, Wsr, Wst, St and Nbt-Ht.
In fact you will see cycles of Grand Parentage, Parentage, and
Childhood in the pantheon of the personalization of the
forces (ntr), for example the Ogdoad, the Psdjt (Ennead), and Hr.
It is interesting to note that although Wsr was
considered a scientist associated with "the dead", in fact he
was connect to the Rh which a host of other Solar Forces, which
indicates not just a condition of "death" but death and rebirth,
through the process of cycles, and immortalization through the
process of parenting, the same way their is a cycle of
day and night as observed from the surface of the planet.



From Faulkner's "Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts"

Utterance 4

"Recitation by Nut: O King, I have given to you your sister Isis,
that she may lay hold of you and give to you your heart for your

My comments:

Wst (Auset or Isis), is the sister office or Wsr, and also his Queen
or Wife. Heart here represents companionship. Body represents
reproduction. Wst is related to the Moon, as the office Wsr in his various
forms through it's grandpatrons(s) is related to the Sun. Gb
and Nt provide a field of operation for Wsr and Wst. The cycles
of the celestial objects with Wsr and Wst promote community and organization
(heart) and agricultural and architechual technology (body).
The King upon passing is bestowed with the Office of Wsr to show that
his contributions in Life with continue on in his legacy (ressurection).
The importance here is that his pairing with the Wst office indicates that
the King is now being Identified as Wsr.


From Faulkner's "Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts"

Utterance 5

"Recitation by Nut: O King, I have given to you your sister Nephthys,
that she may lay hold of you and give to you your heart for your

My comments:

Nbt Ht (Nebt Het or nephthys), is the sister office of Wsr, and the Queen
office of Wsr's brother office, St (Set).
Nbt Ht is often described as the matron of death.
However her name means "Mistress of the House" In this
respect, she represents hospitality and comfort for
the weary and restful (dead).
Wsr and Wst are the Patrons and Matrons of the enlightenment.
Nbt Ht and her brother and king, St, are the Patrons and Matrons
of the mentally sleep. This is to show that the enlightened
are still related to their mentally sleep/dead relatives, and are
still an extended family that the enlightened must reach
out to. Peace.


From Faulkner's "Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts"

Utterance 6

"Recitation by Nut the Great Fruitful One: The King my son is my
beloved; I have given to him the two horizons that he may have power
in them as Harakhti. All the [ntr] say: It is the truth that the
King is your best-beloved among your children; watch over him

My comments:

The two horizons here are the east and west, which represent
the past and the future, also birth and rest (death). HrKhty
(Harakhti Heru Khuti ). HrKhty represents the merging of Wsr,
or the King's great grandfather Rh, and Wsr's son, Hr. The Great
Grand Father is the Past, The Son is the Future. The cycle of dawn
to dusk is continuous, and shows the eternity of life in
cycles, exemplified by the stages of the different personalities
duties and responsibilities of the Solar Offices. Peace.


From Faulkner's "Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts"

Utterance 7

"Recitation by Nut the great who dwells in the Mansion of Snit: The
King is my son of my desire; I have given him the [dwt], that he may
preside over it as Horus who presides over the [dwt]. All the [ntr]
say: Your father Sh knows that you love the King more than your
mother Tfnt

My comments:

The dwt or "netherworld" has been interpreted to mean "hereafter"
and was related to the Night Sky, and the field of view of
celestial objects, the majority of which are the Stars, which
are in fact Suns at instellar distances. The Star or Sun serves
as a memorial for the king that is passed down to his dynasty
or offspring. Nt being the matron office of the
night sky or atmosphere, allows the Light from /Hr/Wsr's colleages,
the Sun Patrons, to pass through her realm faster and clearer than
Tfnt (waterways, lakes, seas, oceans, etc.)
allows the same Light to pass through her realm which is moisture.
This is evident in the greater index of refraction in water as
opposed to air. Hr is Wsr's Son, and in fact is a Sun Lord also,
being that Wtm-Rh, Sh, Wsr and Hr are various stages of Sun Patron Offices.



From Faulkner's "Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts"

The translations for Utterances 8, 9, and 10 were ommitted, because they only contain
"royal protocols"

Utterance 11

"Recitation by Nut: I enfold your beauty within this soul of mine for all life,
permanence, dominion and health for the King - may he live for ever!

My comments:

The translator says the "soul" refered to in the passage is the coffin of the
deceased king. His "beauty" is not the remaining mummy, but the Memory of the
king, as he was when he was alive. The King lives "for ever" or longer, because
of the mental impact he has left behind, of his achievements and accomplishments
in physical life. Nut, being the Night Sky Office, preserves the Kings and
all the Kings (Wsr) memory in the so called Orion Constellation, which
in the Hpy River Valley was called Wsr directly. Peace.


From Faulkner's "Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts"

The translations for Utterance 12 were ommitted, because they are lost
Utterance 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18

"I give you your head, I fasten your head to the bones for you."

"I give him his eyes, that he may be content - a htp offering"

"Geb has given you your eyes, that you may be content"

"the Eye of Horus- water a nmst-jar"

"O Thoth, put for him his head on him - water, a ds-jar"

"He has brought it for him - water, a drinking cup"

My comments:

The receiver of the organs in these passage, is not necessarily getting
new organs. What Nt is trying to convey is that she and her counterpart
Gb give WSR (the deceased or MENTALLY dead) stimulus, by which the purpose of
the head and eyes come into being, being they provide the canvas of the night
sky, as well as the landscape to use as an observational anchor.
All of these stimuli are in fact synthesized
and processed through the "third" Eye or the man's intelligence
(Eye of Hr (Horus or Heru) ) The word nmst is the female form of the word nms
which means veil or covering. With the suffix, this becomes a water covering or jar.
The word ds or ts means pot or jar also. The root of the word nmst, nms, is
related to head covering, and in fact nms is related again to the Name Wmn (Amen)
which represents mentality, and the head being the center of activity of the
mentality. Ds is related to knife, charcoal, chalk, or other implement of making
marks, and thus this is how the relation with Djhty (Djehuti or Thoth) comes into
play since those in the offices of Djhty are in charge of writing and communication.
Thus this series of utterances
illustrates the development of awareness (head and eyes and nmst jar) and the
communication of this knowledge through writing (ds jar).
Vessels in this case not only deal with the funerary furniture, but their interiors
also represent the shell which represents one field of view, as well as ones canvas
of record. Basically the point of this series of instructions is to
instruct the rites of passage candidate in the art of literacy, which was a
valued and rare commidity in the Hpy River Valley.

Divine Ruler Equality Allah