Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mr (Pyramid) Text Study Utterances 39-43

From Faulkner:

Ritual of Offering; the preliminary repast

Utterance 39
O King, take the Eye of Horus for which he goes; I bring it to you and I put it in your mouth for you - zrw of Upper Egypt and zrw of Lower Egypt

Utterance 40
O King, take the sik of Osiris - sik

Utterance 41

Take the tip of Horus' own breast, take what is for your mouth - milk I jar

Utterance 42

Take the breast of your own sister Isis the milk-provider? which you shall take to your mouth - an empty mnz jar

Utterance 43

Take the two Eyes of Horus, the black and the white; take them to your forehead and they may illumine your face - the lifting up of a white jar and a black jar

I. Var. "a h3ts jar of white mnw stone the right eye a h jar of black mnw stone the left eye'



Horus = Heru = HRW
Osiris = Ausar = WSR
Isis = Auset = WST
zrw = ZRW = plural of "butter" or resin ZR, resin, two different resins, from the South and from the North
resin is a hydrocarbon secretion of many plants

sik = ShYK = shik = beer TEARS fermented cake rum cake yeast
mnw = MNW = menu = stable, stone and ceremonial
h3ts = HhTS = hathes = pot - white and black - right and left - RH and DjHWTY - "knowledge and wisdom"
mnz = MNS-H = menza = jar

Throughout the utterances we have analyzed thus far, incense has been attributed to the Eye(s) of HRW or the WDJT (Udjat). In this sense, the ZRW of Upper and Lower or Southern and Lower HPY / Nile represents the resin, South and North representing the HRW and ST, or the King vs. Foreigners. Unification of South and North represents diplomacy. Resin is a gel or syrup like hydrocarbon secretion of many plants from which the incense is made of. The ShYK or shik of WSR represents fermentation, since one of the primary duties of people in the industry of WSR is agriculture, grain production, bread making and alcohol brewing. In this case the alcohol of the society was a beer made of barley, and the agent for the production of the beer was yeast from fermentation of the barley grain or bread. So a fermented bread or beer was used as the "SHyK/shik" in this instance. The word MNW or menu means stable and was used as an adjective for objects and vessels made of special stone. The milk in the jug symbolized HRW or the Child who is the CREAM, and the empty jar symbolizes WST who is the VESSEL through which the CREAM came through and left. Milk from the breast of the MALE HRW in this instance is SYMBOLIC to the living heir or King HRW making a commitment to give his Life of Cream in the service of perpetuating the legacy of his parents and ancestors, WSR and WST. In this segment of utterances, we have the representations of Man, Woman and Child, in the various artifacts of WSR, WST and HRW. Man for agriculture, Woman for hospitality (vessels, homemaker), and Child for nutrition and prosperity (cream/milk). The white and black pots of HRW, called the HhTS (hathes) represent the contrasts of day and night, or light and dark, in the realms of the day form of the Sun RH, and the night form of light reflected of the Moon, DjHWTY (Djehuty). Possession of these polar opposites instills in the initiate or those observing the initiate and or actual funeral, a value of being the All Eye Seeing; meaning being aware, and acknowledging that awareness while awake or at rest, and to show that a Successful Man through his resources, the extensions of his Self, can maintain tabs or be in the state of "knowing every square inch" of his realm, day and night, and know how to synthesize or breakdown elements in his Kingdom to promote the kingdoms growth and stability.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mr (Pyramid) Text Study Utterances 37-38

From Faulkner:
Utterance 37.
O King. I fasten for you your jaws which were divided--pss-kf(1)
(1). An instrument for "opening the mouth".
Utterance 38.
O Osiris the King, I split open your mouth for you--god's iron of Upper
Egypt, 1 ingot; god's iron of Lower Egypt, 1 ingot.

From Mercer:
Utterance 37.
O N., shut now thy two jaws which were divided. Pśš-kf-instrument (or, -bread).
Utterance 38.
Osiris N., I open for thee thy mouth. A sacred copper (or, iron) (instrument) of South and North.

My Comments

This ritual deals with the often mentioned "opening of the mouth"
of the deceased executive officer, the Hh PrTY (Aa Perti). Who is
Identified as WSR (Ausar, or "Osiris").

The profane in the society are told that the opening of he mouth of the deceased is to allow the release of the deceased Bh and Kh (Ba and Ka). ESOTERICALLY the Opening of the Mouth represents making the Knowledge of the King Born or Revealed, through the expression of his MIND which is the Bh, and his VITAL IMAGE which while he was physically alive is his waking Consciousness and Self Styled Image or Wisdom, which is a culmination of his proclamations acts and deeds, thus the "opening of the mouth" to symbolically get and record the expired kings WORDS and EDICTS. The iron from the Upper and Lower HPY (Nile) Valley further exhibits the concept of
SMhY TWY (Smai Tawi) or the Union of of the Lands, meaning the Executive Officer Hh PrTY is also NSW BwYT (Nesu Bait) or King of the North and South. The tool called the Pss-kf, PSSh-KF or the Pesesh-Kef was a chisel like tool used to make an incescion at the location of the mouth of the S-Hw (Sahu) or "mummy". The device is also called the PSShN KF or Peshen Kef. It looks like a forked knife, so each side of the blade was made from materials from the Upper (Southern) and Lower (Northern) HPY or Nile Valley.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mr (Pyramid) Text Study Utterances 32-36

From Faulkner

Utterance 32
This mld water of yours, O Osiris, this cold water of yours, 0 King, has gone forth to your son, has gone forth to Horus. I have come and I bring to you the Eye of Horus, that your heart may be refreshed possessing it; I bring it to you under your sandals. Take the efflux which issued from you; your heart will not be inert, possessing it. Recite four times: Take what comes forth at the voice to you -- cold water and two pellets of natron.

Utterance 33
0 King, take this cold water of yours, for you have coolness with Horus in your name of Him who issued from cold water; take the efflux which issued from you. Horus has caused the gods to assemble for you at the place where you have gone, Horus has caused the Children of Horus to muster for you at the place where you drowned. O Osiris the King, take your natron that you may be divine, for Nut caused you to be a god to your foes in your name of God. Har-renpi recognizes you, you being young in your name of Fresh Water.

Utterance 34
Zmin, zmin' which splits open your mouth! O King, taste its taste in front of them of the God's Booth. What Horus spits out is zmin, what Seth spits out is zmin, what reconciles' the Two Gods is zmin. Recite four times: You are purified in the company of the Followers of Horns-Upper Egyptian natron of Nekheb, 5 pellets.

Utterance 35
Your purification is the purification of Horus, your purification is the purification of Seth, your purification is the purification of Thoth, your purification is the purification of Dwn-'nwy, and your purification is also among them; your mouth is the mouth of a sucking calf. an the day it was born- Lower Egyptian natron of St-pt, 5 pellets.

Utterance 36
Your purification is the purification of Horus, your purification is the purification of Seth, your purification b the purification of Thoth, your purification is the purification of Dwn-'nwy, your purification is the purification of your double, your purification is the purification of your purificatian, and this purification of yours also is among your brethren the gods. Your purification is upon your mouth; may you cleanse all your bone, and may you provide what appertains to you. O Osiris. I give to you the Eye of Horus that your face may be provided with it, it being suffused ---incense, 1 pellet.

From Mercer

Utterance 32.

22a. This is thy cool water, Osiris; this is thy cool water, O N., which went forth from thy son, which went forth from Horus.
22b. I have come; I have brought to thee the eye of Horus, that thy heart may be refreshed by it. I have brought it to thee. It is under thy soles.
23a. Take to thyself the efflux (sweat), which goes forth from thee; thy heart shall not be weary thereby.
23b. To say four times, when thou goest forth justified: Libation; two pellets of natron.

Utterance 33.

24a. To say: Osiris N., take to thyself this thy libation, which is offered to thee by Horus,
24b. in thy name of "He who is come from the Cataract"; take to thyself the efflux (sweat) which goes forth from thee.
24c. Horus has made me assemble for thee the gods from every place to which thou goest.
24d. Horus has made me count (for) thee the children of Horus even to the place where thou wast drowned.
25a. Osiris N., take to thyself thy natron, that thou mayest be divine.
25b. Nut has made thee to be as a god to thine enemy (or, in spite of thee) in thy name of "god."
25c. Ḥrnp.wi recognizes thee, for thou art made young in thy name of "Fresh water."

p. 26

Utterance 34.

26a. Smin, smin opens thy mouth. One pellet of natron.
26b. O N., thou shalt taste its taste in front of the sḥ-ntr-chapels. One pellet of natron.
26c. That which Horus spits out is smin. One pellet of natron.
26d. That which Set spits out is smin. One pellet of natron.
26e. That which the two harmonious gods (spit out) is smin. One pellet of natron.
26f. To say four times: Thou hast purified thyself with natron, together with Horus (and) the Followers of Horus. Five pellets of natron from Nekheb, Upper Egypt.

Utterance 35.

27a. Thou purifiest (thyself); Horus purifies (himself). One pellet of natron. Thou purifiest (thyself); Set purifies (himself). One pellet of natron.
27b. Thou purifiest (thyself); Thot purifies (himself). One pellet of natron. Thou purifiest (thyself); the god purifies (himself). One pellet of natron.
27c. Thou also purifiest (thyself)--thou who art among them. One pellet of natron.
27d. Thy mouth is the mouth of a sucking calf on the day of his birth.
27e. Five pellets of natron of the North, Wadi Natrûn (št-p.t)

Utterance 36.

28a. Thou purifiest (thyself); Horus purifies (himself). Thou purifiest (thyself); Set purifies (himself). Thou purifiest (thyself); Thot purifies (himself).
28b. Thou purifiest (thyself); the god purifies (himself). Thou purifiest (thyself); thy ka purifies (himself). Thou purifiest (thyself); thy god purifies (himself).
28c. Thou also purifiest (thyself); it is thou who art among thy brothers, the gods.
29a. Thy natron is on thy mouth; thou purifiest thy bones, (and) all. Equip thyself with that which belongs to thee.
29b. Osiris, I have given to thee the eye of Horus to equip thy face therewith; adhere (to it).
29c. One pellet of natron.


My Comments:

The efflux of emission of water or fluid from the Candidate represents Wisdom. Wisdom is Wise Actions. The process of displaying requires work and effort. This leads to perspiration. The transfer of the water from the King identified as Wsr (Ausar or Osiris) to the Son represents the passing of Wisdom from the executive or King to the Son. The heart in these instances represents the brain, or Hb (Ab). So the refreshing of the "heart" with the Wdjt, Udjat or Eye of Hrw represents the refreshing of the Brain. The Hb or brain will not become dull if it acquires Knowledge.

Hrw is causing the Ntr (not "gods") to assemble, the specific ELEMENTS in this case is the Sh Hrw or "sons of Heru" Dwhmtf , Hpy, Ymst, and Qbshnf which represent the 4 cardinal directions East, North, South, West. These directions are Born or manifested based on the direction that Hrw who is also the Sun rises, so that is how they become the "sons" of Hrw, Heru comes from the direction of Dwhmtf, in mid day casts shadows to the direction of Hpy and appearing most of the mid day from the direction of Ymst, and finally setting in the direction of Qbshnf. Nwt is the vacuum of space and also the sky and represents the stage for the movement of Stars and Planets, in order to calculate time. So Nwt is an agent by which the Executive and his progeny make plans in terms of agriculture and also military action based on climate conditions throughout the seasons (NOT to be confused with "astrology").

The substance natron is a salt, hydrated sodium carbonate, Na2CO3·10H2O. It was used as antiseptic and water purifier, so it was used commonly in drink. It was also used in the funeral process for S-hw (Sahu) or so called "mummy" in terms of a preservative agent. It is used here to also illustration and demonstrate the purification of Knowledge from the possession of of the Wdjt.

S-mn, Smin or Zmin represents the form of a "cream". Cream represents Understanding. When Hrw and St are spitting out S-mn, it represents the unification in action of the Mental, Hrw, and the vehicle St, as well as the unity of opposites East and West, in the bicameral arrangement of thinking, Right and Left hemispheres, in addition to the Smhy Thwy / Smai Tawi Unity of the Lands.

The purification in the DIRECTIONS of Hrw ("Horus"), St (Set), Djhwty (Thoth) and Dwn-'nwy represents getting the right and exact true bearings of East, West, South and North. This means having a Knowledge of Geometry, Trigonometry, Astronomy, Cartography, Surveying and Geography. As mentioned in earlier studies, Dwn-'nwy represents the profession of acquiring the meridian, which can be deduced from observation of the pole stars such as "Polaris" or other northern constellations during key points at night such as Cygnus at a particular orientation to the horizon, in a "ritual" or rather LAND SURVEY method called the "Stretching of the Cord". All rites of passage facilities were built with their orientations to true East, West and North South, to show the command of the knowledge of Astronomy and the Earth's rotation. The executive who is able to orchestrate the building of public works that aligned with the celestial universe with beauty and symmetry was able to strengthen the preservation of his legacy in all 4 directions of the expanse of the territories, and thus preserve and "purify" his Kh (Ka, or "double") or image and reputation.