Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mr (Pyramid) Text Study Utterances 37-38

From Faulkner:
Utterance 37.
O King. I fasten for you your jaws which were divided--pss-kf(1)
(1). An instrument for "opening the mouth".
Utterance 38.
O Osiris the King, I split open your mouth for you--god's iron of Upper
Egypt, 1 ingot; god's iron of Lower Egypt, 1 ingot.

From Mercer:
Utterance 37.
O N., shut now thy two jaws which were divided. Pśš-kf-instrument (or, -bread).
Utterance 38.
Osiris N., I open for thee thy mouth. A sacred copper (or, iron) (instrument) of South and North.

My Comments

This ritual deals with the often mentioned "opening of the mouth"
of the deceased executive officer, the Hh PrTY (Aa Perti). Who is
Identified as WSR (Ausar, or "Osiris").

The profane in the society are told that the opening of he mouth of the deceased is to allow the release of the deceased Bh and Kh (Ba and Ka). ESOTERICALLY the Opening of the Mouth represents making the Knowledge of the King Born or Revealed, through the expression of his MIND which is the Bh, and his VITAL IMAGE which while he was physically alive is his waking Consciousness and Self Styled Image or Wisdom, which is a culmination of his proclamations acts and deeds, thus the "opening of the mouth" to symbolically get and record the expired kings WORDS and EDICTS. The iron from the Upper and Lower HPY (Nile) Valley further exhibits the concept of
SMhY TWY (Smai Tawi) or the Union of of the Lands, meaning the Executive Officer Hh PrTY is also NSW BwYT (Nesu Bait) or King of the North and South. The tool called the Pss-kf, PSSh-KF or the Pesesh-Kef was a chisel like tool used to make an incescion at the location of the mouth of the S-Hw (Sahu) or "mummy". The device is also called the PSShN KF or Peshen Kef. It looks like a forked knife, so each side of the blade was made from materials from the Upper (Southern) and Lower (Northern) HPY or Nile Valley.

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