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Mr (Pyramid) text study, utterances 20-22

From Faulkner's "Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts"

The translations for Utterance 19 were ommitted, because they are lost
Utterance 20

"O King, I have come in search of you, for I am Horus; I have struck your
mouth for you, for I am your beloved son; I have split open your mouth
for you. [I announce him to his mother when she laments him, I announce
him to her who has joined to him. Your mouth is a good order(?), for I have
adjusted your mouth] to your bones [for you]. Recite four times: O Osiris
the King, I split open your mouth for you with the . . .(I) of the Eye of Horus
-I foreleg

Utterance 21
[Your mouth is in good order(?), for I split open your mouth for you, I split
open your eyes for you, O King, I open your mouth for you] with the adze of
Wepwawet, [I split open your mouth for you](I) with the adze of iron which
split open the mouths of the gods. O Horus, open the mouth of the King!
[O Horus, split open the mouth of this King! Horus has opened the mouth of
the King, Horus has split open the mouth of the King] with that wherewith
he split open the mouth of his father, with that wherewith he split open the
mouth of Osiris, with the iron which issued from Seth, with the adze [of
iron which split open the mouths of the gods. The King's mouth is split
open with it, and he goes and himself(2) speaks with the Great Ennead in the
Mansion of the Prince which is in] On(3), and he assumes the Wrrt-crown be-
fore Horus, Lord of Patricians.(4)

Utterance 22
O Osiris the King, I bring to you your son whom you love, who will split
open your mouth.

My comments:

Again the candidate in the initiation of the rites of passage is identified as
Wsr, by have Hr come in preclaiming the candidate/king to be his father. This
further strengthens in the candidate, and also in the legacy of the deceased,
the primary tenet of fatherhood. The Junior office of Hr, in "splitting the
mouth" or Wsr in reality is allowing the Junior office of Hr to make TESTIMONY
on behalf of the good works of the Senior Officer Wsr, and sharing that in
the cardinal directions (recital four times of the spliting of the mouth).
His mouth being a "good order" means he has caused positive testimony, or good things
are said about him, or he has good references. "Adjusting the mouth to the bones"
represents strong testimony or references, a good and orderly resume or
curriculum vitae. The adze is an edge tool used to cut and shape wood or any cutting
tool with a sharp cutting edge (as a chisel or knife or plane or gouge).

The part of the Wdjt or the Eye of Heru that is shape as an adze is the
eye brow, or the 1/8 portion of the eye

This part of the eye represents thought, since when in deep thought, the
eyebrow tends to wrinkle. So it is Thought or Intellect that is the
basic stimulus for Sight or Inspiration. Wn (On) or what is now called
Heliopolis, was a municipality in the Hpy river valley which consentrated
on the sciences dealing with the office of Rh. the Wrrt-crown is the
White Crown or BRIGHT crown, and represents gaining Enlightenment. Patricians
means the afluent, the aristocracy, the nobles or nobility.
The association of the element iron, and BLACKsmith technology and
metal working, with Hr, besides the composition of the
adze tool, is also related to the chemical nature of the actual Sun, which is
rich in Iron at it's center, from nucleosynthesis in the Sun, Hr being
a Junior office of the Solar Executive Board.

In fact the terrestrial planets and cores of gaseous planets consist of iron
emmisions and/or remains of the Sun, the iron being the "seed" element
in the sun, which parallels to the nutrient dense semen in the man's body
which is the vessel of his Seed, or Child. Thus showing the relationship
between Father and Son (Suns, Stars, etc).

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