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Mr (Pyramid) text study, utterances 23-25

From Faulkner's "Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts"

Utterance 23

"O Osiris, take away all those who hate the King(1) and who speak evilly

against his name. O Thoth, hasten, take away him who is harmful to(2) Osiris

and carry off him who speaks evilly against the King's name; put him in your

hand. Recite four times: Do not let go(3) of him! Beware lest you let go of him!

-Pour water

Utterance 24

O Thoth, hasten, take the King's foe to Osiris.


My Comments

We have finally come to the first mention of the office of Djhty

(Thoth, Djehuti) The goal here is to teach the candidate/King, identified

as Wsr, the importances of Literacy, and Self Expression, via the obligations

of the Djhty trade of writing and record, so that others do not write

history for the initiate, but, he writes the history for himself.

The recitation of this saying four times represents spreading the account

of the initiate/King in the cardinal directions, North East West and South.

Water is poured to sybolize the dissemination of wisdom or intelligent clear

expression and communication. The King's foe is scandal, libel,

negative propaganda and fabrications in general. It is important for

the candidate in his future duties to be made aware of all discrepancies

on his post or duty assignment.



From "The Pyramid Texts" Translation by Samuel A. B. Mercer

Utterance 25.

17a. He who goes, goes with his ka: Horus goes with his ka; Set goes with his ka;

17b. Thot goes with his ka; the god goes with his ka; Osiris goes with his ka;

17c. M?nti-íirti goes with his ka; thou also goest with thy ka.

18a. O N., the hands of thy ka are before thee; O N., the hands of thy ka are behind thee;

18b. O N., the feet of thy ka are before thee; O N., the feet of thy ka are behind thee.

18c. Osiris N., I have given to thee the eye of Horus, so that thy face may be equipped

with it.

18d. Let the odour of the eye of Horus adhere to thee. To be said four times: Fire of


From "The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts" translated by R.O Faulkner

Utterance 25

Someone has gone with his double,(1)

Horus has gone with his double

Seth has gone with his double

Thoth has gone with his double,

Dwn-nwy has gone with his double,(2)

Osiris has gone with his double

Hnt-irty has gone with his double,

You also having gone(3) with your double.

O King, the arm of your double is in front of you!

O King, the arm of your double is behind you!

O King, the foot of your double is behind you!

O King, the foot of your double is behind you!(4)

O Osiris the King I give to you the Eye of Horus, that your face may be

provided with it; the perfume(5) of the Eye of Horus is diffused over you--

incense and fire.

(1) where, however, the preposition is hr. On the translation of ka see the Preface.

(2) The first four gods belon to the cardinal points ON the reading Dwn-nwy




my comments

The initiate's "double" or "ka" is the GENERAL CONSCIOUSNESS or Awareness

of the initiate. The first statement "someone has gone with his double(ka)"

indicates that initiates before have come into the realization of their awareness

of this particular instruction and observation.

Hrw, St, Djhty, Dwn-nwy, Wsr, and Hnt-yrty represent different perspectives of

observation in ASTRONOMY. Djhty being the Office responsible for Astronomy and

Hrw (East), St (West), Dwn-nwy (Meridian), Hnt-yrty (Poles) and Wsr (Nadir) as

the variety of astronomical parameters.

The man holding, drawing or prescribing the MERIDIAN, called Dwn-ënwy, is

ìhe who unfolds two wings,î A Meridian is the circle drawn through the north

and south poles, that intersects the zenith or even nadir (anti-zenith) of the observer.

This means in this education, there is awareness of the curvature of the

planet's surface and ultimately the spherical nature of the planet.

The Nadir (Zenith) again identifies the candidate as Wsr, being that the Nadir,

associated with Wsr, is a point directly formed from the coordinate of the observer.

The Nnt-irty represents the two poles (North and South) also the north and south

ends of the Hpy (Nile) river. Hrw is associated with the East because of

Sunrise and the representation of the candidate in Youth and growth in a

cycle. Set is associated with the West because of Sunset and the representation of the

candidate approaching terminality and recession in a cycle.

The phrases dealing with the hands and the feet represent locomotion and the

awareness that the candidate, although stationary on the planet's surface when

in observation, is in motion because of the rotation of the earth's surface.

The Wdjt (Udjat) or Eye of Hrw, symbolized by the Celestial Sun, REPRESENTS the

focal point of consciousness in the initiate, with center of "concentration" in

the proximity of the the pineal gland. The perfumes used in the rite, represent the

hormones secreted by the pineal gland and other glands in the endocrine system to

facilitate growth, development, and awareness. The fire represents light or

enlightenment, and vitality.


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